Creative Lull.

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You think you haven’t done anything much. Nothing worth writing about (literally!) And then you think, oh well I’m gonna write anyway, it’s been a while, something will come to me.

And then you realise how creative you’ve been all along. It’s in your blood, you know.

For example…

…I’ve been creating easter boots with chicks AND ears for the Year One easter boot parade.

…creating a diversion to bust my boys out of the back of the divvi van (just kidding, they were enjoying the thrill of being arrested at the local street carnival).

…creating order out of chaos in my pantry (and yes I did take a picture because it’s never looked that good!)

…creating a beautifully styled and somewhat unrealistic representation of the tidiness and clutter free-ness of our life while putting it on the market to sell.

…and most importantly creating another person to assist in my plan for world domination. It’s really been rather exhausting.

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