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How to make a Wizard Cape.

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This is a very basic tutorial- almost embarrassingly easy. But if you have (as I did) two small boys who had to get to a Harry Potter party first thing Saturday morning and you hadn’t thought about it before school pick up on Friday night, then this is about as complicated as you want to get!

Step 1:

Rush the kids up to Spotlight on a Friday afternoon with two grumpy, tired and hungry children (check).

Step 2:

I have a 3yo and a 6yo- so for me, 3metres of fabric was fine. I just purchased plain black cotton poplin at about $4/per metre. Now is a good time to purchase some ribbon to tie at the neck- I used grey grosgrain ribbon I had at home.

Step 3:

Cut fabric into 1.5 metre lengths. Along each of the short sides of the rectangle, make a hem by folding and pressing twice at 1cm intervals and then stitching closed.

Step 4:

Take your iron and press a 1cm wide fold down one of the long sides of the rectangle (see Fig1 below).


Step 5: Measure in 10cm from the same edge and press another fold into the fabric, making a hem (see Fig2 below). This will be the collar of the cape.


Step 6: Sew closed (along dotted line in Fig2.) so that you are encasing the selvedge edge inside the hem, all nice and neat!

Step 7: Sew a parallel line approx the width of your ribbon above your first. This creates the casing for your ribbon.

Step 8: Pin a safety pin to the end of the ribbon and guide it through the casing. Rouch up the fabric to make the collar ruffle and stand up. Drape jauntily around your small child and tie loosely at the neck in a big bow.

Collar of cape

* I didn’t bother to hem the cape at the bottom as I figured these were one hit wonders and the selvedge edge is enough to stop fraying.

wizard cape

Accessorise with pointy wizard hats (simple enough to make, but I was really pressed for time- so I got hubby to pick them up in town) and wands and you’re ready for the party!

Did you remember to get the present?

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Fabric Mache Eggs.

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easter goodies for the little friends

Easter delights!

You’ll have to excuse me. I am easily overwhelmed when I have much to do. Easter is a busy time and I’m a little bummed I didn’t get to put this cute tutorial down before Easter. So you could, like, you know, make the thing before the holiday.

Easter was a craft-a-logical hoot in our house this year. We made an Easter tree, stitched up about 20 Trefle party bags and filled them with eggs and mini chicks for the school and kinder friends, painted little porcelain eggs (bought in a kit all ready to go, way cool)


20 Trefle party bags.

and made this ace thing below…

Fabric mache eggs.

I first read about fabric mache on Dear Fii about this time last year. She made these super sweet little scrappy bowls to pop easter eggs in. When I saw these foam eggs in the craft shop this year, I knew they were the perfect thing to try this out on.Click on the dearfii link to check out the bowls- they really are the sweetest things!


Foam eggs (easily sourced this time of year from your local art supply store)

PVA glue

Scraps of fabric chopped up into little squares

Paint brushes



I would rate this “lemon-squeezy” on the tricky-o-meter.

pva/ water mix

1. First water down some PVA into a small bowl- maybe roughly 1 parts water to 3 parts glue.

foam eggs

2. Grab your foam egg and paint a patch of egg with glue/water solution.

fabric scraps

3. Lay patch of fabric down and then paint over the top with more glue solution, saturating the fabric and smoothing it to the surface of the egg.

drying time

4. Continue this process until the egg is completely covered and then spear onto a pin and wait ’till it dries.

5. I think at this point you should probably paint all over with undiluted PVA to give a glossy finish, but I was too impatient and couldn’t wait to see it in action so I skipped this bit (and it still looks fine).

These things look great in a patchwork of fabrics, but look even better (I think) with just one fabric (all cut up in pieces- same method applies).

I’ve made two that use turquoise and white fabric and I love them in a homespun faberge meets delft via belsize square’s kitchen table kind of way. Of course, if I took a photo of it and showed you, you wouldn’t have to take my word for it.

Pile them up in a bowl for a fun table centrepiece.

Or give them in an appropriately festive little egg cup wrapped up in cellophane as an alternative to chocolate (I’m thinking the ones with legs and mary jane shoes).

One last idea…

If you’re of the more-is-more-is-more school as I am, you might like to turn them into a necklace. Hot glue a mini chick on top and string onto a pretty ribbon with co-ordinating eggs or beads.

easter necklace

Hey Presto!

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How to make a Christmas Wreath.

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Here’s a cute Christmas wreath I made. It was the second crafty thing that I did after the wee one was born. The first was to take a quilting class and make wee one a quilt for his first birthday. This used all the scraps from the quilt that I couldn’t bear to be parted with.

The best things about this is that it doesn’t involve any sewing.

How to Make a Christmas Wreath:

You will need:

  • A foam wreath (you can get these from Spotlight).
  • All your old leftover scrappy bits of fabric (the more, the better).
  • Fabric scissors.
  • Short pins (I used the ones with little metal heads) but the glass headed ones might be even prettier and make a feature.
  • A length of ribbon to make a big bow- this ribbon is wired, so you can make it all rippley and sticky outy

I added some of my birdies as you can see, but this year I think I might jazz it up a bit with something brighter.

To make:

There are no hard and fast rules for this wreath.

  • I cut my scraps to be really rough square shapes approx the same size (about an inch square).
  • Then you just pin pin pin pin pin little scraps of fabric all over the wreath until the entire surface is covered and you get a fluttery, fuzzy edged appearance.
  • I think another really nice idea would be to shape the fabric scraps into something pleasing to you, like flowers, bows, hearts or holly leaf shapes (I think this would work well if you ironed some interfacing to the back to give the piece some body).

Original inspiration for this wreath came from this rather moving prayer tree (at least I’m pretty sure that’s what it was) I saw once in Cyprus. I love how the Greek culture is so tied up in this very rigid, ceremonial Orthodox Christianity and their very superstitious ancient Greek pagan heritage with evil eyes and such. Anyway, I digress. This tree, more like a big scrubby shrub, was near Aphrodite’s Falls (the birthplace of Aphrodite) and was covered with prayers written on scraps of paper and tied onto the scratchy little branches. There again, the ancient pagan and the religious.

Another idea (stemming from this) would be to tie your fabric up into little knots and pin the centre to the wreath.

I would love to see any of your finished wreathes and post pictures of them here on the site.

Happy Creating!

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